REVEALED AT LAST! This Wifi Camear Bulb Helps Me Know Exactly What Happens At Home With The Kids; The Housemaid, If There’s A Thief In The House & Who Goes In Or Out Of The House!.

You Can Also Check Out What Goes On In The OfficeShopSalonSchoolSupermarket,     Warehouse or Church Premises!

This Camera Bulb Exposes Everything LIVE, And Can Even Send Pictures Or Videos Of The Act Direct To Your Mobile Phone As EVIDENCE

We don’t live in the safest of worlds and it is always better to prevent Dangers than allow or watch them happen. We are very much carried away by our day-to-day activities, that we fail to pay attention to even the smallest Security and Safety concerns in our homes or business places. We usually don’t think that something bad could happen to us at Home, or in our Business Environment

Stay with me and keep reading till the end, I promise to REVEAL to you the many amazing benefits of the camera and it can helps keep your family and business more stable, safe and secured. It may even save you millions of naira in return.

Did you know that each day many persons and businesses become victims of one preventable crime or the other, either at home or in the work place? Did you know that majority of those committing crime go unpurnished for lask of tangible or substancial evidence? 

This wifi camera bulb gives you safety, security & peace of mind because it allows you observe through your phone, what happens in the house with the Kids; The housemaid,  Shop, Office, Supermarket, Hotel, Hospital, School, Warehouse, Restaurant, Salon, Gas Station or anywhere else that is important to you. Best part is that it records secretly, everyone will think it an ordinary bulb!. 

So if you own a business ; you leave your childern at home with the housemaid, or have a property, this is the ideal solution for you. If you are into real estate, you can also recomend this smart camera bulb to your clients because its for their safety. DON'T LOSE GUARD!.

Benefits Of Camera Bulb

Motion Detection : This wifi camera can send to your phone very clear pictures or video of anyone entering your house, office, warehouse, shop, supermarket, salon etc. It puts you in complete charge and ahead of whats happening even while you are very far away.

360 Panoramic View : Unlike other expensive cameras that only captures 60, 90 or 180 degree view, this super wifi camera bulb is equiped with an unmatched 360 degree eagle's eye lens. This means that nothing excapes it's view and you don't need many cameras to cover larger areas, thereby saving you lots of money.

2 Way Talk Built-In Speaker: This wifi camera bulb comes with an incredible built in sharp speakers that allows you to yell on a criminal, talk to your staff at the office, talk with your kids at home, your spouse or other family members. Its simply Unbelievable!.

Other Benefits.

 1.Easy Installation: This means you don't need to pay for Expensive installation fees as you can do it yourself.

2. Zoom & pan: This allows you to see Hidden Angles & Spots via your phone.Ordinary cameras can't perform this function.

3. Serves as both bulb & camera- Dual Function.

4. Powerful night vision- This means even in the dark this amazing camera will use infrared technology to capture pictures & videos.

5. Picture & Video Recording: This means the camera can record High Quality videos, pictures and even send them direct to your phone.

6. In-built memory card space: This allows you to insert an SD Card into the bulb to Store Videos & Pictures.

7. Easy View: This means you can view Real-Time happenings from your mobile phone & from any location in the world. You can even view from Multiple Phones or Locations. Other cameras can't give you this.

8. Wider Coverage: This means its Cheaper & Cost Effective. Compared to other  expensive cameras, this one covers a wider area of about 360 degrees, where other only cover 60,90 0r 180 degrees viewing angles. This wifi camera Covers More Areas.

9. Wireless: This means no need for wires as they can be easily distroyed by rats or humans. WIFI Connection and you are good to go.

10. Quick Access: The WIFI Camera bulb helps you in real-time check up at home with your Kids, Housemaid, Warehouse, Shop, Salon, School, Church, Hospital, Office, Bar or anywhere else!

11. Remote Controlled: This allows you to turn ON or OFF bulb & control the camera from anywhere in the world.

12. Ability to Preview & Playback videos at your spare time.


Viewing Angle: 360°
Supported Mobile Systems: Android,iOS
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7,Windows Vista,Windows 98,Windows XP
Audio: two way voice intercom
Lens (mm): 1.44mm
Connectivity: IP/Network Wireless
Color: White
Dimensions (L x W x D)(mm): 90*90*40mm
Network Interface: Wi-Fi/802.11/b/g
Type: IP Camera
Sensor Brand: SONY
Installation: Ceiling
Power Supply(V): 5V
Storage: 32G optional
Resolution: 1280*960P
Type: wifi ip camera
Infrared: Day & Night vision ip camera
Supported Mobile Systems: iPhone iOS,Android
View Angle: 360 degree wifi ip camera
Image Sensor: 960PH HD camera

Camera Standard Package Contents
 1 x IP Camera
 1 x Mounting Screws Bag
 1 x Bracket
 1 x English Manual
 1 x Packing Box
NOTE: No SD Card included (You'll Have To Purchase Seperately)

You'll Need Either A Router Or Mifi Device + Electricity For This Camera Bulb To Work.

So What Exactly Will Happen If You Don't Grab This Wifi Camera Bulb Right Now?. Let Me Explain Just A Few Of Things That May Posibly Happen If You Don't Take Action.

Well, It Will Be Sad To Say, But If You Own A Business, People Working For You May Continue Shady Deals Behind You; Steal Money & Valuable Goods From Your Business, And Eventually Send You Packing To The Village Faster Than You Can Imagine.

If You Own An Office; Hospital, School, Salon, Showroom Or Render Services, How Well Does Your Staff Treat Your Customers While You Are Away? This Is Something You Must Think About.

Each Day In The News, We Hear Of Horrible Stories About Housemaids & Their Cruelty. So If You Are A Parent, And Have Kids & A Housemaid At Home.  Hmmm.... Only God Can Tell What Really Happens When You Are Away Or At Work. 

If You Are A Church, You Must Be Aware Of The Recent Story Of Miss Uwa In A Church At Benin City, And How It Tragically Ended. 

The Good News Is That Non Of The Above Will Happen If Just Order Right Away. Nothing Is Actually Stopping You This Minute. You Actually Save A Lot And Loose More If You Fail To Order! Yes, Think Of All That May Happen If You Do Not Take Action Now. 

No Doubt, You Will Agree That You Definitely Need This Wifi Camera Bulb For The Safety & Security Of Your Busines, And Those Of  Your Loved Ones.

The Price Is N20,000 Which Is Exactly The Cost Of Baron Romero Spanish Red Wine, 1 Carton Of Heineken & Some Isi-Ewu. One Thing About the Wine, Beer & Isi -Ewu Is That You Will Consume Them With Friends Or Family At A Seating & It's Over!.

But The Wifi Camera Bulb Will Last Longer, Save You Money & Could Even Save A Life!.  

If You order In The Next 24hrs, You Get A FREE BONUS Of An 8GB or 32GB Memory Card That You Can Use On The Wifi Camera Bulb.  You Certainly Don't Want To Miss Out On This Huge FREE BONUS!.

We're Giving Away This Insane Special BONUS Offer Because, We've Only 15 Bulbs In Stock & We Are Closing Sales!. SoYou've Got Take Action Right Now!. 

Grab One Now Before Its GONE!.

We Know You Care Much About Getting Value From Your Money. That Is Exactly Why We Are Giving A 1 Year Warantee + 100% 30 Days Money Back Guarantee "IF PRODUCT IS NOT AS ADVERTISED". 

No Questions Will Be Asked, We'll Simply Refund You In Full & With An Appology. You Also Get To Keep The Product.

We Give This Kind Of Guarantee Because We Trust Our Product.

We Render 100% After Sales Support To Guarantee Satisfaction.


We Offer Free Delivery ONLY In Lagos.

Other States Attract A Waybill Charge & A Commitment Deposit Into Our Company Account. The Deposit Is Part Of The Product Cost & Is Demanded To Be Sure Of Only Serious Buyers. However, If You Are Scared  Of Being Scammed By Us, Please Provide Us A Lagos Address & We Will Deliver FREE.

CASH Or TRANSFER  Are Accepted Upon Delivery. 

Deliveries Takes 1-2 Days In Lagos & 3-5 Days Outside Lagos.


If You Are Outside Lagos & Not Ready To Pay A Commitment Deposit + N2,000 Waybill Charges Into Our Company Account, Kindly Do Not Order. 

More Quantity. More Savings. More Value.

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