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"Finally, A 37 Years-Old Married Man Reveals How He Got Back His Stolen Lexus RX350 With This Hot-Selling Car Tracker, Without Reporting To Any Security Or Wasting Any Money... And How You Can Do The Same Too…"

If you ever want to track the activities going on with your car; recover a stolen car, stop a stolen car from moving and have a peace of mind about your car. Then, this will be the most important page you will visit this year.

Did you know that every day, every hour, tens of cars belonging to people like YOU and I, are being snatched on  a daily basis and NEVER, EVER recovered?

Dear Car owner.

Are you looking for a way to prevent any thief from stealing your car?

Would you like to know exactly what happens around your car when its parked or when you are not around it?

If you answered YES or MAYBE to the above questions, then you need to read the next line very carefully.

I can never forget the story Mr Emeka, one of our happy customers told us on January 13th, 2020.

Read his PAINFUL REAL LIFE story exactly the way he narrated it to us.

Emeka Nwabueze 

Financial Analyst (Lagos)

"I  was coming back from work that faithful Friday evening, when I  suddenly got attacked by two angry armed robbers. 

I was beaten so badly that I was rushed immediately to the hospital by a Good Samaritan. At the hospital, I   spent 2 months on drugs and injection and spent a whooping sum of N257,350.

Thank God, they didn’t kill me, they only snatched my clean Toyota Avalon, my Iphone x and my deep-pocket wallet.

While on my hospital bed, I was not only in deep body pains, but my heart was also broken because of my stolen Toyota Avalon plus all other valuable documents in the car.

After I  was discharged from the hospital, I made a decision never to allow this incident to ever happen again…

That was when I started searching for a prevention or solution to this problem.

My friend, Joseph recommended your Hot-Selling car tracker to me.

I was shocked when he told me that your powerful car tracking device can bring back a stolen car, alert me when my car door is opened or even when my car is moved from where i parked it! The most amazing part is that i can choose to LOCK the theif inside my car and also secretly listen to any conversation going on inside my car!.

Seeing how powerful this product was and knowing it can save me from unnecessary expenses, prevent me from GREAT SHOCK and frustrations, and finally give ME PEACE OF MIND AND ZERO WORRIES ABOUT MY CAR, I decided to give this particular car tracker a trial.

I bought it and in just under 48 hours, it was delivered to me, and they installed it for FREE and even tested it before i paid.

Several months had past  since i installed the car tracker, until one faithful day, something unbelievable happened.

On the 27th day of June, at exactly 06:57am, I woke up in the morning, got dressed and ready for work. By the time i got to my garage ,I couldn’t find my car again!

At first, I felt like my world was about to end because it was a brand new Lexus RX350.

Then I quickly remembered that I had the ULTIMATE CAR TRACKER installed in my car. That remembrance alone calmed my nerves because I knew that I will definitely recover my car back. 

I didn’t hesitate to SEND an SMS command to STOP my car, and in less 20 seconds, a message came into my phone telling me the exactly street name and location where my car had stopped!.

I was surprised and excited at the same time because I could finally recover my stolen car!  I simply went straight to the address and saw exactly where my car was packed. It was some miles away from my house and I was able to personally recover my car without even involving the police or waste any money.

If I hadn’t gotten this powerful hot car tracker some months ago, by now my brand new Lexus RX350 would have just got stolen and gone like that!

But because I had this car tracking device that  I bought for  the price of  a pair of  MICHELLIN tyres, I was able to recover my car worth millions of naira.

Imagine! A device that cost about the price of a pair of MICHELLIN tyres, was what helped me save my car worth millions of hard earned naira!."

Look at my Lexus RX350 after i recovered it.

"Ever since then, I have had peace of mind knowing that if anything should happen to my car, I can always track it and recover it. I've had to recommend it to my friends and they too are enjoying it.

Thank God for the Ultimate Car Tracker . It’s an AMAZING and must have device for all car owner and fleet owners"

That was the exact story Mr Emeka told us about his ugly encounter with the deadly car snatchers.

That’s why having a good and reliable car tracking system is important for protecing your car from theft and “preventable” losses.


The Ultimate Car Tracker.

The ULTIMATE CAR TRACKER can be used on Cars; Jeep,Buses,Speed Boats, Dump Trucks, Trucks and Luxury Buses etc.

The ULTIMATE CAR TRACKER  is a Top Notch Technology tracking system that literally lets you track your car ANYWHERE in the World!  With this device you no longer have to EVER worry about losing that precious car of yours. The ULTIMATE CAR TRACKER literally puts you ahead and in FULL control.

Don't Take All Our Word, Hear What Mr Alabi, One Of Our Satisfied Uber Driver Customer Has to Say

             Source: PM News-Sunday, June 23, 2019 3:49 pm

Listen To A Testimony From Mr Olusola, Another Satisfied Customer From Lagos.

           Source: PM News-Wednesday, Novenber 2, 2011 1:39 pm

Benefits Of The Ultimate Car Tracker.

REAL-TIME TRACKING: Monitor the movement of your car or fleet of vehicle(s) in real-time; this feature gives you a live display of the locations of your car or fleet of vehicles. You can easily TRACK a stolen car down to any street or location, using ANY phone via Mobile App, SMS command or the Internet.

REMOTE ENGINE STOP: This is a powerful control feature that enable you to remotely STOP the engine of a stolen car; even when in motion. This can be done by sending an SMS command or via the tracking APP.

SMS ALERTEach time an action is taken on your car, you'll get an instant SMS NOTIFICATION.

This means even in the middle of the night, if your car door is opened, or your car engine is turned on or moved from where it was parked, you'll an instantly SMS notification, alerting you of what is hapening!  How cool is that?

EASY FLEET MANAGEMENT: Individuals and companies with fleets of vehicles can easily view, track, monitor and manage all vehicles on one platform. Thereby, making it easier to monitor driver behavior; increase driver performance and productivity, save HUGE on maintenance and cut down unnecessary fuel consumption or unauthorized activities.

REMOTE VOICE MONITORThis function allows you to secretly listen to voice conversations in the car.This is a powerful function because it gives you access to privileged information can lead to arrest and prosecution of a car thief.

OIL CHECK & ELECTRICAL FAULT ALERT: The Ultimate Car Tracker has the ability to check for engine and brake oil level or  electrical faults.  

This means you don't have to worry about engine knock or possible fire outbreak due to an electrical fault.

GEO-FENCING: Geo-Fencing means restricting the movement or setting boundaries for your car/fleet of vehicles to certain locations, of which you get notified on attempts to cross set boundaries. 

For example, if you geo-fence your car within Lagos, it can NEVER go beyond Lagos and any attempt to go beyond, will lead to an engine SHUT-DOWN, followed by an SMS notification to your phone.

JAM PROOF: Our car tracking device comes with an incredible inbuilt anti jam technology. This means while other fake and cheaper tracking device out there can be easily disabled, the ULTIMATE CAR TRACKER stands out due to it's anti jam feature, which makes it impossible to disable the tracker. So Beware Of Cheap Tracking Devices That Surely Don't Have This Technology.

3 YEAR WARRANTY: Our car tracking device comes with an incrediblel 3 year waranty, plus a FREE  robust tracking  platform that is constantly update and upgraded. This way we gurantee you of nothing but top quality service and product that will stand the test of time.

Overall, the Ultimate Car Tracker provides you with absolute peace of mind in knowing that no matter what happens, you will always find your car if stolen.

Compared to other car trackers out there that fails and doesn't perform, this one is not just affordable but has even more durability & safety features that guarantees your car safety and recovery. Plus you don’t have to pay any extra charges for installation or maintenance.

We will install for absolutely FREE!

No other company out there beats the kind of offer or guarantee.

Regular Price 


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Tue Sep 01 2020

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When you place an order TODAY, here are the 6 Huge MOUTH-WATERING FREE Bonuses you'll get at no extra charge. You won’t find these bonuses anywhere!

Free Bonuses

BONUS #1: FREE 8GB memory card that you can use to store movement history of the vehicle. All the journry the vehicle makes over a period of time is safely stored inside this memory card, so you can study anytime. This is most suitable for individuals or companies with fleet of cars, who would want to know where their vehicles visited in past..

This 8GB memory card would have easily sell for N3,000 but now you are getting it absolutely FREE when you order the ULTIMATE CAR TRACKER TODAY Only.

(Value N3,000 now yours FREE)

BONUS #2: ZERO MONTHLY/ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION can Unlike the rest who would charge a monthly or annual fees, we will never charge you a DIME for Life!.

Some companies charge as high as N23,000, but you are getting it FREE when you order for the Ulitimate Car Tracking device TODAY only.

(Value N23,000 now yours FREE)

BONUS #3: FREE HIDDEN MICROPHONE that allows you to SECRETELY listen to conversations going on inside a stolen car without anyone knowing. This can help you to know whatever discussion, move  or plans the thief is going to make, it can also lead to easy arrest and recovery of the stolen car.

If you were to pay separately for this, you would spend N10, 000 but now you are getting it FREE for TODAY Only.

(Value N10,000 now yours FREE)

BONUS #4FREE TRACKING SOFTWARE allows you to conveniently track the movement and location of your fleet of  vehicles directly from a specialized tracking application via any mobile phone or computer. This is very ideal for companies with fleets of vehicles and would help them quickly know the exact location of vehicle and to determine if vehicle is on the right route.

If you were to pay monthly subscription for this application, you would  spend N15,000 but now you are getting it FREE for TODAY Only.

(Value N15,000 now yours FREE)

BONUS #5: FREE INSTALLATION of the car tracker inside your car so you don’t get stucked while installing it or spend another extra money paying someone to install it for you. 

Normally we charge at least N15,000 to install this for people but we will come to your address and install it all for FREE without asking for an extra DIME if you order TODAY Only.

(Value N15,000 now yours FREE)


We offer FREE Nation-Wide SHIPPING so you don’t spend an extra dime paying for shipping fees.

You would have paid at least N4,000 for shipping, but we are delivering the product for you FREE TODAY Only.

If we were to calculate the total value of all the  FREE Bonuses, it  would amount to a WHOPPING N70,000!. We Are Giving You All These Bonuses ONLY If You Order TODAY.

In Case You're Still Yet To Decide, Take A Listen To Mr Bulge.

Source: PUNCH December 13, 2018

Source: PUNCH July 27, 2018

As you can see from the testimonies and newspapers, the threat of CAR SNATCHING is REAL...and May even be on the INCREASE this "MBER Month.

But, You Know What....? You can actually protect yourself from lose, ONLY If You Order TODAY ,

Tue Sep 01 2020

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Yes, for just N75,000, Which is not even up to the cost of a pair of MICHELIN tyres which can easily get spoilt in less than 12 months. However,the ULTIMATE CAR TRACKER will save you a lot of money,  prevent any form of frustration, shock and time wasting…PLUS IT WILL GIVE YOU ABSOLUTE PEACE OF MIND.

Are You Ready To Protect Your Car NOW?

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How Much Is Your Car Worth To YOU?

By the way, how much is your car worth to you?

Do you think it is worth N75,000 or worth MILLIONS?

What If that expensive car is suddenly stolen?

What if its NEVER, EVER found AGAIN like the rest?

It means your car might be GONE FOREVER and you’ll lose MILLIONS of  Naira used in purchasing the car.

Wouldn't  it make MEGA sense to rather protect your car with just N75,000 than leaving things in the hands of LUCK?

With the ULTIMATE CAR TRACKER that cost just N75,000 you can easily get your car back.

You will NEVER LOSE your car to the thieves.

But the question is.... Are you ready to do WHATEVER it takes to prevent your car from being stolen?

If your answer is YES, click the link below to quickly order before the timer hits ZERO.


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This is a no brainer offer and the price is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING compared to what you stand to lose .

If it doesn’t work for you, you will get a 100% refund, no question asked.

By the way, WHY will it not work for you when YOU only PAY AFTER INSTALLATION & TESTING?

These customers love our product & services.

Here's why:

Kemi Adetunji


Few months before the lockdown, our driver was to take the children to school, unknowing to me, he was planning to kidnap my kids! After he drove off, I noticed from my phone that he was taking a different route. I called his phone severally to ask why he was on a different route, but he wouldn’t answer his phone. So I turned on the REMOTE VOICE monitor, my God! I could hear my driver discussing on the phone with some unknown person about how much share he would get if he delivered my 3 kids to them! I quickly alerted my husband, who in turn alerted the police. From my phone i quickly did an engine shutdown, and while he trying to get the car moving again the police came and arrested him. My husband now also has one installed on his Range Rover Sports.

Rating 5 out of 5

Charles Oghene


The first car I bought and gave to an UBER driver was recklessly used, and I never made my money back. So when I bought a second car, in order to avoid the usual excuses and reckless use of my car, I had to install the Ultimate Car Tracker and honestly it has helped me to monitor the driver’s activities and even keep track of all his trips. Now I don’t get the usual excuses and the weekly cash remittance has always been coming promptly. Am sure if i didn't have this device, i would have been hearing stories upon stories. This is a must have device for UBER car owners/investors.

Rating 4.5 out of 5

Tonye Alali


In the past my company had lost a lot of money because some drivers had diverted products meant for customers. They siphoned diesel to sell and ran their personal business with the company vehicle. So installing the Ultimate car tracker on all our vehicles has helped us save huge money and increase productivity. Now, we are better organized; drivers are monitored and well-behaved , we save time and cost and all this I can easily monitor on my phone or office computer. Currently, our company can't do without this device.

Rating 5 out of 5

Delpine Ekong


I use to spend a lot of money on fuel and maintenance, not knowing my driver was using my car for KABU-KABU each time i send him on an errand. With the Ultimate Car Tracker, i was able to catch him in the act and with some evidences. Now, i spend less on fuel and maintenance. 

Rating 4 out of 5

Janet Osaro


I was at the office with a colleague, and while we were having a cheerful conversation; I got an SMS alert on my phone that my car door had been opened. While I was still trying to figure out where my car key was, I got yet another SMS alert saying my car was on the next street!. Wow, I was so confused and surprised . I quickly grabbed my phone and sent an SMS command to stop the car engine. Almost instantly, I got notification of the exact location of my car, it was already abandoned by the time I got there. If I had not installed this tracker 2 weeks ago, I would have lost my car just like that.

Rating 5 out of 5

Chuks Ezeudo


One our way back from work, my friend’s car was snatched at gunpoint. Immediately the robbers drove his car away, I was full of panic. Infact, i had never been that terified before. But surprisingly, my friend was unusually calm! All he was asking people around the robbery scene was for any mobile phone. When he finally got one, he just sent an SMS command to stop the car engine. And in few seconds a reply message came into the phone, indicating the exact location of his stolen car. We quickly but discretely went to the location and recovered his abandoned car without involving the police.  Thanks to the Ultimate Car Tracker, it would have ened in tears & pains.

Rating 5 out of 5

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If for any reason, the ULTIMATE CAR TRACKER does not work as advertised, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase.

If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team or call 07011195830 and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift 100% REFUNDS.

You can also keep all the FREE bonuses (valued at N70,000) as an apology for wasting your time.

However, we are 100% certain this device works as advertised.

Moreover, YOU only PAY AFTER INSTALLATION & TESTING. Thats More Than A Guarantee!

Final Note To You Our Dear Customer:

We’ve given YOU a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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Here's Another Testimony From  Mr Ogan, A Logistic Manager In Lagos.

   Source: PM News-Monday, May 29, 2007 6:30 pm


For N120,000 + Installation.

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