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Want a high-quality perfume that can keep you and your cloths scenting great for over 24hrs?


VENOM Limited Edition is all you need.

Venom Limited Edition, a fragrance that exudes confidence, extreme sexiness and an unforgettable aura.

Here's 4 Lovely Reasons You Must Use Venom Limited Edition Perfume.


Venom Limited Edition is super quality & made from organic ingredients such as AgarwoodLemonLavenderCinnamonJasmineSandal WoodMusk and other super premium ingredients.

This mean it doesn't irritate the skin and has no side effect.


Venom Limited Edition is long lasting and gentle on skin & clothes. A single spray of Venom Limited Edition last over 24hrs. It literally announces your presence even before your arrival and also lingers with your signature scent even after you leave a vicinity -leaving a lasting impression about you. 

This means you spray less and save more!


Venom Limited Edition is very affordable and 5 times cheaper when compared to its equivalents that are sold at N40,000!

So you are getting a great high-quality perfume at a really affordable price, no need .


Venom Limited Edition is indeed LIMITED in quantity.

Yes you heard me right. We want to make sure it doesn't get popular as it is considered a limited edition.

Don't Take Our Words, Hear What Our Satisfied Customer Mr. Nonso 

Has To Say...

venom limited edition IS HIGHLY seductive!

Here's Another Testimony From A Satisfied Customer, Miss Faith 

Now here's another great reason why you should order this perfume right away.


The Venom Limited Edition perfume isn't going to be available for everyone. It will only be sold to 30 individuals who love style and class, after which we will close all sales.

Here's one more reason to buy Venom Limited Edition perfume. For every single perfume you order, you'll get a free Venom Body Spray!

Just In Case You're Still In Doubt, Here's A Testimony From Another Satisfied Customer, Mr. Kingsley 

Usually, we sell the Venom Limited Edition perfume for N36,000.

But if you order TODAY,

Tue Sep 01 2020

You'll be getting it at 



That's a whopping 50% discount, plus a FREE Venom body spray when you order TODAY.

This product is in very high demand at the moment and may soon become sold out!

Quickly lay your hands on this amazing perfume and FREE body spray. Hurry now before it's goes out of stock.

Remember, after TODAY

Tue Sep 01 2020

All the FREE bonuses will disappear PERMANENTLY and price will INCREASE back to N36,000!



Got Questions or Need Help? 

Talk To Pamela: 07085809408.

(Available 8AM - 6PM Daily from Monday - Saturday)

When You Order The VENOM Limited Edition Perfume, Here Are The BONUSES You'll Be Getting.


Free Venom Body Spray

For every VENOM Limited Edition Perfume you order today, you will get a FREE Venom Body Spray.

If you were to pay separately for this body spray, you would spend at least N4000 but now you are getting it FREE if you order TODAY.

(Value N4,000 now yours FREE)


Free Nationwide Shipping

We offer FREE Nation-Wide SHIPPING so you don’t spend an extra dime paying for shipping fees.

When you order TODAY, we will deliver to your door VENOM Limited Edition Perfume + Venom Body Spray at ZERO cost.

You would have paid at least N3000 for shipping, but we are delivering FREE only if you order TODAY.

(Value N3,000 now yours FREE)

The VENOM Limited Edition Perfume stands for class and distinctiveness. When compared to it's equivalents or contemporaries, it simply exudes a seductive and long lasting aroma that arouses and makes anyone within to instantly desire you. This perfume isn't like your regular perfume, it's simply exclusive to just a few extraordinary and class laden individuals.

What Other Customers Are Saying

It is very rare that you acquire a product that just hits it out of the ball park, but this Venom perfume does that. Even after a shower, you can still smell it . Venom is a monster.
Worth every cent.

Babatunde Ajibola 

 / Lawyer

Venom limited edition perfume is indeed adorable and a must have for anyone in love with class. I wish it wasn't a limited edition and more could be produced.

Raymond A.

/ Doctor

Delivery was prompt, price was unbelievable and scent was heavenly. I would soon order more before it's out of stock

Uche Osuji

/ Auditor

I really adore this fragrance. I have never used anything like it before, it's in a class of its own. I am very, very happy with my purchase.

Mrs. Omobola Johnson

 /  Fashion Designer

Beautiful perfume, heavy glass...super high end appearance. The smell is super amazing and am just in love with it. Highly recommend this cologne. I am super glad I took a chance at buying this. The price point is insanely amazing and I feel like this cologne is worth a lot more.

 Gina Allison Ekong

/ Chef

money back

30 day Guarantee

Risk free

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

We realize that money is hard to come by and that you may have been sold garbage in the past. So, we'll not mess with your intelligence and that's why we are offering you an iron -clad money back guarantee. If for any reason, the VENOM Limited Edition Perfume does not meet your expectation , you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase.

If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team or call Pamela 07085809408 and you'll get a swift 100% REFUNDS.

You can also keep all the FREE bonuses and the perfume as an apology for wasting your time.

However, we are 100% certain you'll definitely fall in love with VENOM Limited Edition Perfume and that's a guarantee!

Here Are A Few Things That May Happen If You Miss Out On 

VENOM Limited Edition Perfume.


You may continue to WASTE money on worthless perfumes that don't last long or that irritates your skin.


Because you don't smell classy and distinct, you may find yourself struggling with inferiority complex when with your associates.


Without VENOM Limited Edition Perfume, you can hardly leave a signature scent behind.

You Know What? 

You really don't need to worry about all the above because VENOM Limited Edition Perfume, has you completely covered and laced with extraordinary confidence, class and style. If you're not using this perfume at the moment, your are certainly missing out from league of extraordinary ladies and gentlemen of class & taste. In fact you aren't playing in the top league.

Final Note To You Our Dear Customer

We’ve given YOU a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

To further sweeten the offer &We've given YOU 2 Amazing Bonuses worth N7,000 + FREE Shipping to your door.

Honestly, YOU actually don't have any excuse not to order VENOM Limited Edition Perfume right AWAY. 

Really..... Who gives this kind of guarantees if not one who is 100% sure of his product?

You really don't have anything to lose if you order RIGHT NOW, but YOU do have a lot to lose if YOU delay or fail to take ACTION NOW!.

Remember, the impression you create about yourself really matters & you shouldn't let yourself down.

Nothing is holding YOU back from ordering Now!.

Take that BOLD & Extraordinary step this minute, by ordering VENOM Limited Edition Perfume before its out of stock.



Got Questions or Need Help? 

Talk To Pamela: 07085809408.

(Available 8AM - 6PM Daily from Monday - Saturday)


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