"Discover a Simple Secret Device That Keeps Your Home, Office, Family And Property Safe Even When You're Not Around"...

This secret new discovery helps you remotely monitors what happens at home or the office so you can always keep an eye on the kids, workers, prevent hazards, protect your family and have peace of mind No matter where you are.

We all know that this country is NOT safe anymore.

Things are hard, No jobs, people are frustrated and MORE people are getting into crimes every-day.

Hence, now more than ever you have to be more vigilant and alert to STOP bad things from happening.

Yes! No one prays for bad things to happen to you or your children at home or your staffs to misbehave while you’re not there at the office

but the truth is it’s good to be prepared for anything.

Apart from securing your life and properties from theft, child trafficking, child abuse is another big issue we don’t talk about that much In Nigeria.

But It’s happening every day around us.

If you pay close attention, you will notice that there’s an announcement of a missing person or rape cases or robbery incident or car theft almost every single day on social media.

So it’s real and the annoying part is most of these criminals NEVER get caught or punished because there was no evidence or concrete proof to begin an investigation with.

And having just a Gateman or a security dog is NOT enough to protect and prevent your family and business from possible dangers.

You need something more reliable, more controllable and super efficient.

A device that secures, captures and documents every single move and step made by anyone.

That’s why having a good security system is important to protect your home, office, and valuables, and to keep your family safe from potential break-ins or any other possible “preventable” dangers.


The Swiss Bulb Security Camera.

This Swiss Camera Bulb is a Top Notch Technology system that literally lets you secretly know what’s happening Everywhere and anywhere in any parts of your home or office whether you’re there or not.

The device exposes everything LIVE  and can even send pictures or videos of the Act DIRECT to your own mobile phone as hard core evidence you can either take to the police or treat yourself.

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You know the best part why I love this particular gadget?

It ‘s discreet and doesn’t look like normal security cameras around, hence it camouflages and works like  an ordinary light bulb and so no one would suspect it’s a camera and they’ll be so surprised when you get to catch them red-handed in the act with UNDENIABLE proof.

I can’t even possibly tell you how many times this amazing device has saved me.

I remember one time my home almost caught fire. I was in the office and was routinely checking on my kids at home when I realized that someone has mistakenly forgot something on the gas cooker and it was burning with smoke all over the place until I called and they had to leave the game they were playing to turn off the gas.

Only God knows what could have become of my property, documents and kids if not for my timely intervention because of this Swiss bulb camera.

And Apart From Fire Protection, This Magical Bulb Can Also Help You:

Overall, this Swiss bulb camera provides you with the peace of mind in knowing that your family and your home are secure, whether you are at home or on the road.

When you are at home you can fully relax knowing that you are safeguarded from theft, vandalism, fire, and other threats. When you are traveling you’re sure you can know the moment any problem occur home.

Compared to other security cameras out there, this one is not just affordable but has even more superior quality plus it doesn’t require you paying extra for installation.

Not just that the camera and video quality is so amazing and it has a 360 degree view which means one camera can see the entire room very well so you save money.

Usually We Sell One Of This For N29,500:

But As At Today

11th July 2024

So If You're Ready To Start Taking Care Of Your Business And Family On a Whole New Level, THEN, 

Regular price: 29,500 naira
+ Shipping fee: 1,500 naira
Total = 30,500 naira

Special N10,000 Discount


Plus FREE Shipping Anywhere in Nigeria

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And you know what?

The bulb camera is very easy and smooth to setup in less than 5 minutes – just screw it as a normal light bulb and setup on mobile device is quick and easy too.

This wifi camera bulb also comes with an incredible built in sharp speakers that allows you to yell on a criminal, talk to your staff at the office, talk with your kids at home, your spouse or other family members. Its simply Unbelievable!.

It equally has a two way communication feed which means that you could talk to your loved ones from anywhere and get a reply from there just as if you were talking to them over the phone.

...Here's What This Camera Bulb Comes With:

Here's What a Customer at Nasarrawa Has To Say ...

Other Cool Things About The Swiss Camera Bulb Are:

  • Zoom & pan

    This allows you to see Hidden Angles & Spots via your phone. Ordinary cameras can’t perform this advanced function.

  • Powerful night vision

    This means even in the dark this amazing camera will use infrared technology to capture pictures & videos even without lights on.

  • Picture & Video Recording

    This means the camera can record High Quality videos, pictures and even send them direct to your phone.

  • In-built memory card space

    This allows you to insert an SD Card into the bulb to Store Videos & Pictures.

  • Easy View

    This means you can view Real-Time happenings from your mobile phone & from any location in the world. You can even view from Multiple Phones or Locations. Other cameras can’t give you this.

  • Wider Coverage

    This means its Cheaper & Cost Effective. Compared to other  expensive cameras, this one covers a wider area of about 360 degrees, where other only cover 60,90 0r 180 degrees viewing angles. This wifi camera Covers More Areas.

  • Wireless

    This means no need for wires as they can be easily destroyed by rats or humans. WIFI Connection and you are good to go.

  • Remote Controlled

    This allows you to turn ON or OFF bulb & control the camera from anywhere in the world.

  • Motion detection alarm

    When there is usual movement in the monitoring area the camera will take a picture and send to you.

  • Preview & Playback

    Ability to Preview & Playback videos at your spare time.

Regular price: 29,500 naira
+ Shipping fee: 1,500 naira
Total = 30,500 naira

Special N10,000 Discount


Plus FREE Shipping Anywhere in Nigeria

Special Promo Ends In...

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