After 5 Years of Struggling To Loose Weight, I Finally Found The ONLY Slim  Tea That Actually Made Me Loose Weight Even After Having 2 Kids, And Its Without A Single Side-Effect…

This Weight Loss Tea Puts Other Weight Loss Tea To Shame!

Don’t worry another minute about your weight anymore!. Forget about dieting... Forget about starving yourself or skipping meals just to loose weight!

Don't waste your precious time reading this post:

  • IF you don't want to burn those excess fat & loose weight
  • IF you don't feel embarrassed about your over weight and shape
  • IF you are't tired of not seeing results despite your efforts.

If this is YOU and it is your true heart desire to burn off those stubborn fat and regain your shape, then I want you to know that hope exists. Yes true hope exits.


But first, let me share a true life story with you, it's the weight loss story of my dear sister Maryann

Maryann used to weighed over 161kg with excess fat protruding everywhere. She was also at the risk of a heart disease and losing her husband's love and affection due to her over weight and shape.

It was so bad that for many months, her husband did not have sex with her because of her weight. In fact, the husband stopped sleeping their matrimonial bedroom and preferred the guest room instead.

It was really a hard time for her because even outside the home she still had to deal with some sort of body-shaming from okada and keke riders. Each time she passed they will be shouting YOKOZUNA, OROBO BLOW-BLOW, and other names. Some okada riders would avoid carrying her, while the keke riders would insist she paid for two seats!. It became too much and that she was almost depressed. At some point, she considered herself useless and even had suicidal thoughts.

Then one day, after struggling to loose weight without any success....

After years of spending money on many useless weight loss products that never worked.....

She stumbled on one of the best secrets to weight loss, which i'll be sharing with you shortly.

So just pay attention and  and be sure to read till the very end. 

But before i share her weight loss secret with you, See Maryann's transformation photos to understand what am saying!.

You can see the new Maryann now; everything has changed, her body, her shape and even her husband is crazily in love again!

When she passes on the road, instead of the bad names such as OROBO, YOKOZUNA that she usually gets, what she hears now are only sweet names like Fine Girl, Baby.. LAUGHS!

Everything changed in few months for her just by using the natural product i will soon reveal to you.

Here's an amazing Transformation TESTIMONY from Wunmi Martins after she used this amazing Product!

After i gave birth to my second child, i gained a lot of weights and had big tummy just like every other mum who've just given birth, this worried me so much. I really desired a better body and i wanted it badly.

One day, i found this wonderful slim tea online, at first I doubted if it would work, so i decided to test with a pack, and when i saw some good changes, i got more packs for myself.

As you can see, am back to shape and even HOTTER with a flat tummy as if i never born pikin. Lol!

Here's is another amazing Transformation TESTIMONY from Mr. & Mrs. Dennis after Using The Essence Slim Tea!

My husband and I gained a lot of weight after our first year of marriage. We tried exercise but it didn't work because we were both busy and working class people. We also tried some other slimming products which also never worked!.

Just at the time we wanted to give up on our weight loss dream, we stumbled on this great tea that helped my husband and i to gain back our shape.

Now i have 3 kids and i don't even look like i have ever given birth before, due to my flat tummy and shape.

Here's is another amazing Transformation TESTIMONY from Chioma after Using The Essence Slim Tea!

I had always been big from birth into my adulthood, and this was a worry for me because i could not date or attract the kid of guys i really wanted. 

But this slim tea is simply magical as it has really helped me to reduce my weight a lot. My friends and family are really surprised! Even me am surprised too at my changes.

Now i feel lighter, healthier and happier. I recommend this tea for anyone serious about loosing weight without side effects or exercise.

Here's is another amazing Transformation TESTIMONY from Tony after Using The Essence Slim Tea!

Due to the nature of my work, ate late at night and also drank lots of beer which i guess gave me pot belly. At first i thought it was a sign of good living until a doctor told me it was bad and unhealthy and that i should try to lose some weight to avoid health issues later in life.

The doctor then went ahead to recommend this slim tea to me and after 1 month of use, this is me now, looking fit and sharp. Thanks to those who made this tea, taste is great and really works!. I'll be getting more for myself and friends, they surely need it. Laughs!

Here's is another amazing Transformation TESTIMONY from Jumoke after Using The Essence Slim Tea!

I was not happy with my body shape, i had a big tummy as if i was pregnant or just gave birth to a baby! I was still in my late 20s and the excess flesh or fat in the wrong places of my body troubled me a lot and i needed a natural solution so badly.

At first,when i saw the many testimonies about the slim tea, i thought it was a scam or fake and i ignored it. But after many weeks, i decided to just try with a pack and see what happens. Surprisingly, the Essence Slim Tea helped me lose some weight in one month, so i get more packs and the results has been miraculous!. 

My big tummy is no where to be found, even the extra tyres on my back all disappeared! Am still in shock myself how an ordinary tea could change my body like this. 

The weight loss transformation stories of Maryann, Wunmi Martins, Chioma, Jumoke, Tony & Mr & Mrs Dennis could actually be yours in less than 60 Days from now, if only you are ready to take ACTION! 

You just have to believe, be patient and follow the simple instruction for usage, and watch yourself transform in weeks!


Essence Slim Tea.

The New Essence Slim Tea that give you back your full confidence and returns you back to shape.


If you truly desire to have a great shape and can't wait to loose weight, then grab a pack of the Essence Slim Tea at a Promo Price of Only N15,000 instead of the normal N30,000

You instantly save an extra N15,000 that you can use for other personal stuffs, plus we also give you an amazing FREE Body Slimming Patch that complements the Essence Slim Tea to makes you loose weight faster.

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Benefits of drinking Essence Slim Tea.

  • This tea will make you lose weight faster than any product in the market.
  • This tea will burn out calories and excess fat from stubborn areas like belly fat, arm fat, lap fat etc.
  • This tea will boost your immune system, reduces stress and increases energy levels.
  • This tea will improve your general appearance and skin clarity, making your skin to glow.
  • This tea will cleanse and detoxify your entire body system, flushing out some diseases.
  • This tea will suppress appetite, yet allowing you stay healthy and physically fit.
  • This tea will help improve your food digestion.
  • This tea will help relax your nerves and body, especially when taken before bed at night, it will make you sleep like a new baby.


A FREE body Slimming patch that helps you lose weight faster, if used together with the Slim tea.


1.Not for Pregnant women; breastfeeding mothers, the elderly, young children.

2.Do not use during menstruation.

3. Do not use on an area where you have skin injury. 

4. Do not use if you had CS cesarean section.

5.Do not use until 6 months after birth. (Women)

6. This product is for external use only and can be used by men and women.

Why are we giving this Amazing & Expensive Body Slimming Patch for FREE?

It is simply because we love you and want you to succeed and in loosing weight and getting back to shape.

This FREE Body Slimming Patch will complement the Essence Slim Tea and make it work Super Faster.

Benefits Of the FREE Body Slimming Patch.

  • Effective in reducing weight and fat.
  • Reduces cellulite and stops the accumulation of fat cells in the body.
  • Can be used on other areas of the body such as legs and arms.
  • ️Ideal for those who do not have time to exercise.
  • Comfortable to wear, even at home, work or when sleeping.
  • Made with natural ingredients.
  • Contains 5 body patches in a pack, meaning you can use 1 patch a week for up to 5 weeks.
  • Can be used for men, women and children 15 years and above.

Normally, this body slimming patch is sold on Jumia.com for N6,500, but you are getting it FREE when you order a pack of the Essence Slim Tea today.

So this means for just buying the Essence Slim Tea you've gotten added value for money.

You been gifted a FREE valuable product worth N6,500 that can help you loose weight faster when used together with the Slim Tea. Not only that, you have just saved yourself N6,500 that you can use for other important things.


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See more product testimonies!.

Here's another amazing Transformation TESTIMONY from Jennifer Ovie after using the Essence Slim Tea!

I ate a lot of junk foods and before i knew it, i became over weight and bigger in size than my elder sisters. I looked older than my age and my weight made it difficult for me to find a serious relationship.

One of my ex, after we broke up had to tell me that he was managing me, that i was shapeless like an amoeba and that my belly looked like i was 9 months pregnant! This really hurt me and so i began to find a solution to loosing weight. I tried exercises but did not have the strength, i tried dieting but it wasn't easy too. I tried many other stuffs that never worked, until i stumbled on this tea and gosh, it was very effective.

All my friends kept asking what exercise or diet i was on, one even thought i had a surgery to look this way and was asking to know the hospital i did the surgery! Laughs. This tea works, trust me, it really works.

Here's is a Transformation TESTIMONY from Matilda Adebola after Using The Essence Slim Tea!

I was attracted to this product because a friend used it after she stopped breastfeeding her baby, and it worked for her. But because i was breastfeeding, i could not use it at the time.

So after i stopped breastfeeding, i started to use the product and honestly it has helped me bounce back to shape slowly but surely.

I have even gone ahead to recommend this tea to some friends and they are also happy with the results. The taste is great and i love it cos it worked for me.

Here's is another amazing Transformation TESTIMONY from Ahmed Idris after Using The Essence Slim Tea!

This result of this tea is shocking even to my very self. Am glad i did not waste my money again. Am now looking younger.

Here's an amazing Transformation TESTIMONY from Magret Ene after she used this amazing Product!

The tea tasted great and worked wonders too. Seeing the results i already got with just one pack, i had to order another 2 packs to be sure i got the desired results. 

This tea really works i must confess, and i also found out that the ingredients used in making the tea are all natural herbs and very safe to drink.

Here's is another amazing Transformation TESTIMONY from Tonia edobor after Using The Essence Slim Tea!

No long stories, this tea is super effective, i didn't believe it would work. It is even too cheap compared to what it does. All the beautiful cloths i could not wear before, omo now i can comfortably rock them. 

My big belly is gone, and my shape is back and my body is totally transformed. Its me and this tea all the way oooo.

Here's is another amazing Transformation TESTIMONY from Eno Bassey after Using The Essence Slim Tea!

Obesity and excessive weight gain runs in my family. My parents both were on the big side and my dad died from diabetes. I never believe i could lose weight, but the Essence Slim Tea  proved me totally wrong.

It works guys! Trust me it really works as you can see from my before and after pictures.

There is no other weight loss burner like the Essence Slim Tea in the market, Take It... or Leave It.

Just try a pack of the slim tea, together with our FREE Body Slimming Patch that contains 5 pieces in a pack, and watch your excess weight drop drastically before your very eyes!

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If YOU delay or FAIL to order the Essence Slim Tea todaySad To Say, here are the possible things you may be experiencing.

  • You definitely may likely continue to struggle to loose weight without any success.
  • You definitely may be spending more money trying fake products that would never work or that may even be harmful to your health due to chemicals. 
  • You may continue to add more weight to the point that your ego, self confidence and self esteem may be completely damaged, you may not even have the guts to appear in any gathering, parties, wedding or any functions at all.
  • You risk losing your relationship because you have those ugly fat and shapeless body.
  • Due to your excess weight, you may never satisfy your partner in bed, and this may make him/her begin to look elsewhere for a partner who's Hot, fit & more attractive.
  • If you are not married and have packed up  those ugly fat in your belly region and other wrong places, am sorry, but am guessing you already know how hard it is going to be for you to find the right partner.
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The dark truth is....

The ONLY known way to become CURVEYSEXY or HOT, is to Lose Weight.

And that’s precisely what the combination of Essence Slim Tea and the FREE Body Slimming Patch will naturally and safely do for you without fail.

These two super slimming products when used together, will help you lose weight and get back to a great SHAPE again, ..and  you'll be able to live life at FULL CRUSH.....

How BADLY do you want to lose those weights RIGHT NOW?

Would you rather keep wasting money on supplements, drugs and harmful pills that hasn't worked for you, or would you just follow my PROVEN weight loss formula that has consistently brought results for many men and woman?

Before You Answer The Above Questions, 

here's another real life testimony from another satisfied customer Micheal.

I can't believe a common tea works like magic! I was actually expecting to see results in 6 months or more, but surprisingly it did not take that long!

Am simply in love with my new body, i feel like a boy again. Laughs

Here's is another amazing Transformation TESTIMONY from Preye Tamunosiki after Using The Essence Slim Tea!

After i had my first child, i started eating a lot and eventually added more weight than i bargained. I tried various programs and supplements with no result. Just about when i wanted to give up, i stumbled on this product and it has really helped me to burn out excess body and belly fat, and am glad to gradually return back to shape.

Here's is another amazing Transformation TESTIMONY from Gladys Okoronkwo after Using The Essence Slim Tea!

As a single mom, i got too busy with life that i  didn't even realize when i was adding weight until i reached 150kg! On top of that i regularly smoked and drank away my worries.

Then one day, i saw your product advertised on Facebook, though i had bought other products in the past that didn't work, i decided to also buy yours since i was trying everything that came my way, secondly i believed no harm in trying. 

Today, i write to say thank you for this awesome product. I have quit drinking and smoking, i have also lost close to 50kg since taking this slim tea. Your product really works and soon, am getting more pack for myself and my sister.

Here's is another amazing Transformation TESTIMONY from Murayo Okunola after Using The Essence Slim Tea!

Wow! This product is impressive, since 3 weeks that i started using it, i really do see some changes going on right inside and outside my whole body. I feel lighter and i believe this product works. Although, i have seen some good results, but i still want to lose more weight.

I'll update you guys after 60 days. But i know this tea is worth trying, especially for anyone in doubt.

These testimonies and many more transformation stories could actually be yours, only if you decide to order TODAY.

Are you ready to do whatever it takes to LOSE WEIGHT?

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Look, I have been there before, and I know exactly how you may be struggling with making a decision to buy or not to buy this slimming tea.

I understand your fears and I know It could be very frustrating especially buying something that doesn’t work, coupled with the bad economy. 

That is why I’m offering YOU the most EFFECTIVE WEIGHT LOSS PRODUCT in the market TODAY.

When you use the Essence Slim Tea in combination with the Body Slimming Patch exactly as directed, If it doesn’t make you lose weight and happy, Please Ask A Full Refund.

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

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