This Is How I Got Back My  Hot Shape  After 2 Kids!. Just By Drinking This Wonder Detox Weight Loss Tea.

Now Am Well Packaged & Looking Like A Sweet-16!

Listen to me... - If Your Weight Loss Process Has Always Been Slow & You’ve Tried Everything From 



Low Carb...

Low Fat...

More Vegetables...

Just Name It!.

If Nothing Has Worked For Your Weight Loss Dreams, Then This Piece Is Especially For You.

My Dear, It Will Be In Your Favor If You Stick With Me For The Next 3 Minutes Because I’m Going To Share With You The Shocking Truth & Natural Way To Quickly Burn Belly Fats & Drop Those Unwanted Weights In Just 28 Days.

In Exactly 28 Days Or LESS.

  • You'll be at the exact weight you've always  wanted…
  • You'll be able to fit perfectly into those beautiful clothes & pair of jeans…
  • You never have to do strenuous exercises…
  • And you don't have to force yourself to eat more vegetables...

If you are in some form of doubts, i'll like you to take a look at the transformation photos and testimonies below

Transformation Photos & Testimonies.


I use to be skeptical about products claiming to produce major results. But This one came with a 30-day 100% risk free guarantee, so I bought this product and tried it. Amazingly, it really worked. I was at a stagnant point in my weight loss journey, going through a period of not being motivated to exercise, wasn’t as focused on my portion sizes or the food as I had been eating

Transformation Photos & Testimonies.


I wish I had known about this tea a few years ago! They worked so easily for me and I feel amazing in my skin – slim figure, healthy life and a lot of energy!

Transformation Photos & Testimonies.


I am 5′ 1″ and got up to 150lbs. Yuck! I have been taking EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS for almost 2 weeks now with very little exercise. I’ve lost 22lbs FOR REAL! No lie.

I weighed myself on 3 different scales to make sure that the readings were correct. And yes indeed the readings were correct. I hope the product would not go out of stock because I have just ordered another 6 months’ supply for myself and a girlfriend today.

Introducing The Detox Extreme Weight Loss Tea.

Drink Before Breakfast Or Dinner

Benefits Of The Extreme Detox Weight Loss Tea.

· Lotus Leaf - Helps the breakdown of fat.

· Winter Melon - High in fiber, low in calories and helps in weight loss.

· Cassia Seed - Helps in weight loss.

· Hawthorn - Aids in weight loss & rich in antioxidants.

· Double Red Rose - Helps in weight loss & body hydration.

· Dandelion Leaf - Aids weight loss & reduces fat absorption.

· Nettle Leaf - Helps in weight loss & fights cancer.

· Lemon Grass - Helps in weight loss & body detoxification.

· Green Tea - Increases fat burning and brain function.

As you can see, the Extreme Detox Weight Loss Tea is 100%  Natural herbs and ingredients.

Contains ...

No Fillers…
No Hidden Sugars…
No Dangerous Chemicals.
Only 100% Pure Plant Extracts Designed For Healthy Body  & a Great SHAPE!.

Whats More?...

The Extreme Detox Weight Loss Tea

  • Increases Fat-Burning.
  • Decreases Hunger .
  • Supports Healthy Blood Sugar.
  • Increases Weight Loss.
  • Increases Longevity.
  • Removes Dangerous Chemicals From The Body.

  • Usually we sell the Extreme Tea
    For N24,000
    But if you order TODAY
    Tue Sep 01 2020

    You will get it at today’s
    N12,000 ONLY
    After today, price permanently increases.
    What are you waiting for?
    Hurry and order now before price increases.

    Got Questions or Need Help? 

    Call/WhatsApp: 09169470056

    (Available 8AM - 6PM Monday - Saturday)

    In Case You Are Still Doubting, Here Are More Transformation Photos & Testimonies.


    I’ve been drinking this tea for about a week, usually before breakfast and lunch. My bloated stomach is gone, my body has become more energetic and I’ve lost weight. Thank you.

    Transformation Photos & Testimonies.


    I started using Extreme Weight Loss Tea when I heard it from my sister-in-law. I was beyond amazed by how much I lost and I didn’t even have to step foot into the gym! I’ve been taking it for a couple of months now and I currently am at 130! Whohoooo!!!!! It was easy to swallow no horrible taste or smell. Thanks so much!

    My dear, i know YOU must be tired of buying all these fake products that doesn't work.

    I Know YOU are tired of spending your hard earned money.

      Look, i know YOU have seen many testimonies claiming they can help you get rid of those ugly fat and return your shape to normal.

     I believe YOU are smarter and know that  all of those claims are mere lies.   

     Therefore….   I am not going to mess around with YOU or insult your intelligence.

    Am not going to deceive you like the rest, so I am going to be 100% open with you.  


    You can either decide to trust and use a product that has been tested to work for many people including those from the testimonies above. Or YOU may continue wasting your hard earned money!

    Honestly, am not trying to convince you to order this product. No, that's not my plan because

    I know how hard it can be for a person struggling to loss weight and regain shape. That's exactly why am stepping in to help and share with YOU the same solution i used for MYSELF & many other happy customers.

     In fact we really don't even have enough of this product available and YOU must count yourself LUCKY if you get a pack of this Wonder Weight Loss Tea!. 

    Moreover, the testimonies above speaks well about the effectiveness of our product.

    After today, price permanently increases.
    What are you waiting for?
    Hurry and order now before price increases.


    (BUY 2 PACKS)

    PRICE: N12,000


    (BUY 6 PACKS)


    PRICE: N32,000

    I Know You Might Be Doubting If This Tea Will Work For You!

    Honestly, there's absolutely nothing to worry about because we have you covered for 30 days, should this product not work. But we are very sure it will work and that's why we have promised a full money back guarantee.

    30 Days


    30 Days Money Back Guarantee

    If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing weight loss tea or it doesn't deliver on its promise, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. We know money is hard to come around and that is why if you have any issues or not satisfied with our product, just get in touch with us on 09169470056 and we'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift 100% refund with an apology. That's  how bold we are when it comes to our product and the best you can do for your skin is give us a trial.

    If YOU delay or FAIL to order the Extreme Weight Loss Tea Right Now, what exactly may happen to YOU?.

    Well, It's Sad To Say, But Let Me Explain Just 6 Things That May Possibly Happen to YOU.

    1. YOU may likely continue to struggle without a lasting solution for your weight loss dreams.

    2. YOU may also continue to spend more money trying fake products that would never work or that may even make you to add on more weight instead of reducing.

    3. You may continue to experience more weight gain to the point that your ego, self confidence and self esteem may be completely damaged.

    4. Due to the weight that you have gained, those ugly fat in the wrong places may make it hard for you to socialize and attend weddings/parties because you no longer fit well in those jeans and hot gowns.

    5. Think about what may happen to YOU & YOUR relationship due to the fact that you have those ugly fat and not sexy at all.

    6.YOU may become unattractive to your Boyfriend or Husband, YOU may even lose him to another hotter  side-chick with a lot more fit & trim body.

    Finally, if YOU have those ugly fat in the wrong places and have not married, you already know what that may mean for you.

    The Good News Is That Non Of The Above May Happen If YOU Decide To Order Right Away. 
    Nothing Is Actually Stopping YOU From Ordering A Pack Right Now, Even If Its For A Trial.
    The Benefits Are Huge & YOU Lose Absolutely Nothing, Remember You'll Get A Full Refund If This Tea Doesn't Work!.
    Yes, Think Of All That May Happen If YOU Do Not Take Action Now.

    By the way, the cost of the Extreme Weight Loss Tea is only N12,000 which is about the price of a pair of  Shoes Or Handbag  that can easily wear out within few months & becomes worthless!.

    But the Hot & Sexy Shape you'll get from using the Extreme Weight Loss Tea Is something you'll cherish almost a Lifetime.

    It will bring YOU many Admirers, Love, Beauty, Self confidence & Happiness!

    If you are ready to knock-out those ugly fat & get a new Hot Body with a coca-cola shape,

    The type that is in

    High & Hot demand….

    The type that gives you Absolute Confidence

    The type that makes you 

    Beautiful & Younger….

    Got Questions or Need Help? 

    Call/WhatsApp: 09169470056

    (Available 8AM - 6PM Monday - Saturday)


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