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Do You Still Feel Like Covering Some Parts Of Your Face Or Body When People Staring At You?

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The Potency Of This Skin Glow Tea Does Not Care How Long You Have Gone Through Any Form Of Skin Problem,

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And I Am Saying This To You With A Confidence That Is As High As The Tower Of Babel

That severe sunburn, dark spot, dark eye circles, wrinkles, reddish skin, damaged skin or pimples that you see on your face, that has refused to go away making you feel rejected, today am going to show you a natural and effective way to gradually clear them out from the inside and out in as little as 1-2 weeks or you get your money back. The natural solution to your skin care problem is the Ginseng Skin Glow Tea, made from the RED GINSENG


the korean red ginseng

Ginseng is a plant and the roots has been used as treatments in the Asian world and North America for centuries. Ginseng is one of the most popular & potent herbal medicines in the world.
Apart from its various health benefits, this herb has positive effects when used on the skin. In today's beauty world, ginseng or ginseng extract is widely used in tons of Korean beauty products to totally combat just about any skin issues that you can think about.

Ginseng is not a new beauty ingredient as it contains high levels of much-needed vitamins and minerals and can be a source of antioxidants, which help prevent and repair skin damage in the body due to its healing properties." (Explains New York City-based dermatologist Shari Marchbein).

Ginseng, when infused into any skin care product can safely treat acute or stubborn sunburn, fade away dark spots, acne, pimples, reddish skin, skin damages resulting for excessive use of bleaching creams or soap, and will drastically reduce wrinkles in few weeks


THE new improved GINSENG skin glow tea

The New Improved Skin Glow Tea Is A Dream Come True For Those With Damaged Skin Resulting From Cream Reaction, Bleaching, Sun Burn, Dark Spots, Dark Eye Circles, Pimples, Wrinkles, Blemishes & Skin Discoloration. It's Also Good For Anyone Who Wants To Look Ever Young!

The Ginseng Skin Glow Tea is made from 100% Red Ginseng extract. It is consumed like your regular Lipton Tea and it detoxifies the skin, flushing out dead skin cells, thereby nourishing and clearing all forms of skin blemishes. It also helps in countering premature aging and enhances natural skin glow.

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Tue Sep 01 2020

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Ginseng among other ingredients, has a special feature that can nourish and rejuvenate any skin type no matter how bad and how long the skin problem has lasted. Listed below are the wonderful benefits of Ginseng

Ginseng Is Known To Decrease Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Increase Skin Moisture, Elasticity & Smoothness. This Means You'll Definitely Be Looking Almost 10 Years Younger Than Your Age! Wrinkles will significantly reduce on your face.

Ginseng Is Known For Its Incredible UV-Blocking Properties. This Means Your Skin Is Protected Against Sun-Related Damage. This Way You Don't Get Sunburns and if at all you have stubborn sunburn, the ginseng serum will clear it in 2-3 weeks.

Ginseng Has Been Proven To Repair Damaged Skin Resulting From Bleaching or Skin Reaction. Its Fades Dark Spots, Brighten Skin Leaving It Radiant & Ever Glowing. This means that damaged skin can gradually return to normal with the use of Ginseng Glow Tea. Even all the dark spots on your face will fade away.

Ginseng Is 65 times stronger than Vitamin C in combating free radicals. Dark Eye Circles, Eye bags, Skin Pigmentation, Blemishes & Skin Discoloration is well taken care of by this powerful Glow Tea.

Ginseng Will Make You Spotless, Ageless & Young.

The Skin Glow Tea is Super Effective for major skin issues such as:
Dark Eye
Reddish Skin
Dark Spots

meet our happy customers


Port Harcourt

Tried this product recently. It honestly works really well. I have been using it for 10 days straight and can see the improvement on my skin. The tea is really working.



I was very unhappy with my skin, it was very rough and wrinkled. My elder sister bought me this glow tea and I have been taking tea for 3 weeks and honestly the wrinkles on my face have reduced a lot and my skin is also very smooth. Too effective, i will surely recommend to others.



I bought this tea because my skin was getting very dull. I took it approx. 2 weeks and my face got bright and my skin started glowing. Thanks to the seller for this product.



Very Excellent Product.

I ordered this product for I and my mom a couple of days back. The tea is made with some raw herbs and its excellent in taste. It has an amazingly sweet aroma and a refreshing taste.

One of the many benefits is that it helps in clearing heat & toxins from your body and gives a radiant glow to your skin.. You can see the difference in your skin within just a couple of days after you start consuming it.. Really a product worth the money!



Very Useful Product

This is one of the best herbal tea I've ever tasted. It has rejuvenating properties which is very good for the skin. It has many ingredients like Ginseng, rose, etc. The product is good and it works for real.



Very good tea

I have been using this for 3 weeks now. This is an amazing skin glow tea has cleared my sunburn and dark spots. It has helped in giving me a vibrant, glowing, smooth and supple skin.

It is very obvious all these customers can not be all wrong. Truly, the Ginseng Glow Tea is dream come true for people struggling with skin care issues.

It's a permanent solution to all types of skin challenges and the best part is that it's affordable and 100% made with natural herbs, so it is safe to consume.

We Sell One Pack Of The Ginseng Glow Tea For N20,000

But As Today 

Tue Sep 01 2020

We are giving out the Ginseng Glow Tea at a huge Promo Price of just
N13,000 .

Promo Is Just For Today Only.

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My dear are YOU not tired of buying all these fake products that don't work?
Are YOU not tired of spending money?

Look, I know YOU have seen many testimonies claiming they can help you get rid of your skin care problems.

I believe YOU are smart and know all of those claims are mere lies. Therefore…. I am not going to mess around with YOU or insult your intelligence.

Am not going to deceive you like the rest, so I am going to be 100% open with you. You can either decide to trust and follow my guide and use what has been tested to work for me, my friends & customers or YOU may continue wasting your hard earned money or even damage your skin in the process of trying to find a solution! Look my dear, am not trying hard to convince you to order this product.

No, that's not my plan.
I know how hard it can be for someone to have skin care challenges that never goes away, that's why am stepping in to help and share with YOU the same formula i used for MYSELF, Friends & other happy customer.
In fact we really don't even have enough of this product available due to the high demand and YOU must count yourself very  LUCKY if you get a Pack of this MAGIC Glow Tea!. Moreover, the testimonies above speaks well about the effectiveness of our product.

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Usually We Sell One Pack Of The Ginseng Glow Tea For N20,000

But As Today

Tue Sep 01 2020

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You can either decide to trust us and use what has been tested to work for me, my friends & many customers. Or YOU may continue wasting your hard earned money or even damage your skin in the process of trying to find a solution!

There's absolutely nothing to worry about because we have you covered for 30 days should this product not work. But we are very sure it will work and that's why we have promised a money back guarantee.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing product, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team on 09070533491 and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.


Money Back Guarantee

If YOU delay or FAIL to order the Glow Tea Today, what exactly would happen to YOU?.

Well, It's Sad To Say, But Let Me Explain Just A Few Of The Things That May Possibly Happen to YOU.

1. YOU may likely continue to struggle without a lasting solution for those dark spotsdark eye circlesstubborn sunburnwrinklespimples and other skin problems.

2. YOU may also continue to spend more money trying fake products that would never work or that may even damage your skin beyond repair.

3. Think about what may happen to YOU & YOUR relationship. Due to those dark spots, sunburn, pimples, wrinkles and the rest, YOU may become unattractive to your Boyfriend or Husband.
YOU may even lose him to another hotter side-chick with a lot more beautiful skin than yours.

4. Sadly, YOU also stand a risk of permanent skin damage and you know what that means if you are yet to get married.

The Good News Is That Non Of The Above May Happen If YOU Decide To Order Right Away.

Nothing Is Actually Stopping YOU From Ordering A Pack Right Now, Even If Its For A Trial.

The Benefits Are Huge & YOU Lose Absolutely Nothing!.

Yes, Think Of All That May Happen If YOU Do Not Take Action Now.

By the way, the cost of the Ginseng Glow Tea is only N12,000 which is about the price of a pair of Shoes Or Handbag.
But You Know What....?

Those shoes or handbags will wear out within few months & becomes worthless!.

But the Beautiful Skin you'll get from using the Ginseng Glow Tea Is something you'll cherish almost a Lifetime.

It will make your Skin Smooth & Supple.
It will bring YOU many Admirers, Love, Beauty, Self confidence & Happiness!


remember, YOU HAVE A Money Back Guarantee, and there's absolutely nothing to fear or worry about.


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